WILL POWERS: Adventures in Success

I don't know which is funnier... the concept of an album being released, making fun of the "self help" movement of the early 80's... or the fact that I didn't actually KNOW that it was all a big joke...until NOW! Maybe I'm just a little slow.

The album, "DANCING FOR MENTAL HEALTH" by WILL POWERS, is just that. This rather peculiar album features vague artwork, including a statue of two characters in a dancing pose. The album was produced by LYNN GOLDSMITH, and was actually her creation. The spoken word... or "positive affirmations", if you will, were spoken by her, through a vocoder. She did the singing, as well.

The record was mixed by the legendary TODD RUNDGREN, and apparently featured the instrumental help of JACOB BRACKMAN and STEVE WINWOOD. Other contributors include NILE RODGERS, STING, TOM BAILEY and ALANNAH CURRIE (the latter two of THOMPSON TWINS).

I guess after looking at the following video, I would have realized that it was all a big joke (considering MEAT LOAF's over-the-top acting), but all I actually remembered of this album (from it's initial release in 1983), was the computer animated face.

The most amusing thing, is the three column list of "Will Powers" supporters, on the record sleeve. These include ELLEN FOLEY, ALEX SADKIN, TODD RUNDGREN, STING, NILE RODGERS, STEPHEN BISHOP, MEAT LOAF (and his lovely wife, Leslie Loaf), DAVID SANBORN, CARLY SIMON, ANDY SUMMERS...and the lists go on... and on... and on....