Zeke's New Discovery: SHE AND HIM (a.k.a. Zooey Deschanel and some other guy)

One of my favorite things to do, is go to the public library and browse their music section. I often look for discs that look obviously "Indie". When I use that term, I mean it in two ways. First, music that falls under the genre of Indie Rock, and second, music that looks like it was a true DIY project.

The other night, I was browsing the Hunter Library (my library of choice), when I came across the disc SHE & HIM: Volume 1. I picked it up, and turned it over. The first thing that jumped out at me, was the name Zooey Deschanel. Now, don't tell my wife, but I've had a secret celebrity crush on Zooey, ever since seeing her in films like HITCHHIKERS GUIDE TO THE GALAXY, among other.

In addition to her extensive film work, I noticed that she contributed to the recent release by JENNY LEWIS of Rilo Kiley fame. I purchased that LP a month or two ago, and was intrigued to see Zooey's name. Well, this discovery helped to explain why... she has been performing music under the moniker "SHE & HIM", with fellow collaborator, M. Ward (how enigmatic is THAT?) since 2007, including a couple of soundtrack appearances, and their debut album... the one I am holding in my hands. So, for those of you who may be curious...sit back, relax...and enjoy the sounds of SHE & HIM. Part Folk, part Americana, part 60's "doo-wop"...it's an original sound, to say the least.

Ammendum: 10/16/2009

How ignorant am I? When I wrote this, I had no idea who M. Ward was.... and now I know. I was actually listening to an NPR podcast where M. Ward played a half hour concert and answered questions. During the questioning She and Him was brought up. I was floored! I had no clue that this project was the creation of Matt Ward. Now I know... and now I will doubly look forward to the next S&H project... which is in the works.


Kate said…
I just ADORE her! Any gal who can hold her own with Leon Redbone is okay in my book.

Curiously, I hadn't yet liked anything I'd heard by She & Him, but I do like this!
Uncle Zeke said…
Hum..you can keep a secret for only so long!! I want a divorce! Obviously I can't trust you! You know all my crushes! I caught you again!
Uncle Zeke said…
The above comment was from Mrs.Dahl
Uncle Zeke said…
Uh-oh.... BUSTED! ;-) Kiddin' Mrs. Dahl... you're my one and only. Unless I'm wearing the Zeke hat... then you're part of my 7 and only.