RETURN TO FOREVER: Back in Spirit....on CD and DVD.

Forgive the hiatus in blog posts. It was not by choice. Our beloved internet service provider not only charged us the full amount for a new fiber optic modem, but they also failed to adhere to the payment arrangements we had made with them. So, after a few weeks of time, and a simple phone call, we are back online.

The first bit of news I wanted to relay, was the discovery of a new live DVD and CD of the biggest Jazz tour of 2008....RETURN TO FOREVER. The incredible four piece band, featuring Stanley Clarke on bass guitar, Al DiMeola on guitar, Lenny White on drums, and the incredible Chick Corea on keyboards, was one of the most talented collectives of musicians EVER... and after 25 years, they decided to combine those talents in one of the most awe inspiring concerts I have ever seen.

Today, I just decided to do a search and see if there had been any news of a release, since I have been hoping for a DVD of the tour, ever since I saw them early last year. Not only was I excited to see that a CD had been released, but I saw that a DVD was set to ship out then end of May. I took a trip to FYE (the only store in the Salt Lake Area that seems to stock a large variety of lesser known artists), and what to my eyes did appear? Not only the CD, but the DVD, as well!! AND ON SALE!! So, I know that I will probably hear it from my lovely wife, but I couldn't pass these two items up. And so, for those of you who missed this once in a lifetime chance to see this incredible band, reunited... at least do yourself the service of getting the DVD. I would say to just get the CD, but you need to SEE what you are hearing. It's mind blowing. That is the only way to truly appreciate the music of this band. Included in the DVD is the memorable concert at the Montreux Jazz Festival 2008. The CD actually includes the same track listing, although it compiles some of the best recordings from the entire tour. Also included, is the recieving of the BBC Lifetime Achievement Award, as delivered by Sir George Martin. I was able to get the CD for the sale price of $11.99, and the DVD for the sale price of $12.99. The Blu-Ray disc is also available...

Returns CD DISC 1:
1. Opening Prayer
2. Hymn Of The Seventh Galaxy
3. Vulcan Worlds
4. Sorceress
5. Song To The Pharoah Kings
6. Al's Solo Including: Children's Song #3/Passion Grace & Fire/Mediterranean
Sundance/Cafe 1930/Spain
7. No Mystery

Returns Songs DISC 2:
1. [Medley]: Friendship/Solar
2. Romantic Warrior
3. El Bayo De Negro - Stanley's Solo
4. Lineage - Lenny's Solo
5. Romantic Warrior
6. Duel Of The Jester & The Tyrant

Bonus Tracks
7. 500 Miles High [Bonus]
8. BBC Lifetime Achievement Award Presented By Sir George Martin, Live Performance
Of Romantic Warrior


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