Video o' the Week: KING CRIMSON

You could say that I'm continuing on with the Peter Gabriel association, although he has nothing to do with this particular video.... but Gabriel fans know where I'm coming from. Tony Levin.... bassist extraordinaire. I can't get enough Tony Levin. I had the distinct pleasure of seeing the California Guitar Trio play at a small church, in the Salt Lake area. The beauty of this performance? Tony Levin joined the California Guitar Trio on stage, for the latter part of the concert. He has collaborated more than once with those talented guitarists, but didn't do much touring with them. I believe on that particular leg of the CGT tour, Tony only played two or three shows. We were very blessed to see his talents up close, and personal.

BUT, this isn't about the California Guitar Trio... it's about Tony... and Andrian...and Bill....and Robert.... it's about KING CRIMSON.