What the heck.... I've been so neglectful lately, it's time for a double shot.

Earlier this year, I posted a video by TRASHCAN SINATRAS, a new song that was described as "a love song from one musician, to another"... being the Trashcans writing a "love song" for the late Syd Barrett, original vocalist and songwriter of PINK FLOYD. The song, appropriately titled "ORANGES AND APPLES" (a play of words on the early Pink Floyd song, "Apples and Oranges") was something I was immediately smitten with. The news that a new Trashcans album was soon to be released was one of the most exciting pieces of musical news that I would encounter all year.

For those of you that are acquainted with my musical tastes, you know that 2004's "WEIGHTLIFTING" album, by Trashcan Sinatras, is one of my favorites of the past decade, if not my favorite. Especially after taking into account, the story of the band... having early 90's success, and then finding themselves hung out to dry, by a record label gone belly up. The band was forced to file for bankruptcy, just to take care of the financial obligations that were hanging over their heads.

Then, after several years, the band discovered how much affection there was towards their music, thanks to the "information super highway"... a.k.a., the internet.

Where their 1991 Salt Lake City performance was one of the most disappointing concerts that I have ever attended (there was not an acoustic guitar to be seen, on stage... not to mention all the songs seemed twice as fast), their 2005 Park City, Utah was one of total redemption. I once again had the opportunity to see the band, on August 5th, days after receiving a "limited edition" copy of their new album, "IN THE MUSIC". When I say limited, I mean limited. It's copy 1166/2000. It cost me over $40.00 (American), which pretty much tapped out my birthday moneys. It was worth every penny. This limited edition version not only precedes the regular version (which, as far as I know, will not be released for a few more weeks), but it also features two bonus, non-LP tracks... both of which are very nice.

The album features a total of 12 tracks (10 regular cuts, plus the 2 bonus cuts), and even includes a backing vocal (nearly duet) vocal contribution by the one and only Carly Simon.

The album as whole is not as "produced" as WEIGHTLIFTING, but I find it to be very warm and endearing. This album firmly stands beside WEIGHTLIFTING, as being simply a work of love, from a band that simply loves doing what they do. They aren't out to take the world by storm, although they deserve it. After seeing them in concert, for the third time, they simply seem to be a quintet of men that love making music, and performing it for those few people that embrace it. If only ALL bands had the same, simple desires...



Frank Lynch said…
I saw them last night (Aug 15) in NYC. I was surprised at how full of life the new songs sounded, they sound more contemplative on the CD.

They opened strong, played strong throughout, and finished strong. Aside from the new cuts, I don't think there were many surprises. Tough to believe they're at a point in their careers where they have an "expected" list.

Really too bad they're touring to support an album which is tough to buy here in the US - - it's expensive to tour.
Frank Lynch said…
Guitarist John Douglas (in a comment on their message boards) says the repertoire this tour is limited by two factors... 1) an interest in featuring the new CD, and 2) limited rehearsal time with new personnel.
Uncle Zeke said…
Mr. Lynch, thank you for your comments. I agree with your take on the recent live sets, and did find that the live versions took on a warmer sound, similar to that of the WEIGHTLIFTING material. I only felt sorry for my cousin, who accompanied us to the concert, who was only familiar with CAKE. He didn't recognize a single song, although he was quite taken with how well they sounded. I'm hoping this concert is similar to their touring, while supporting WEIGHTLIFTING, whereas I hope they return again, within a year's time, and perform a more rounded collection of songs. But don't get me wrong.... I loved this recent show, and have not an ounce of disappointment.