New Music/Concert Review: DREDG/AS TALL AS LIONS

First, I need to apologize. It seems that ever since I have become a Facebook junkie, I have slacked off on my blog posts. In addition, now that I have the ability to upload videos and pictures to Facebook, via my mobile device, I have REALLY started to neglect my blogs. This needs to change....

....and so it shall. Right now.

This past week, I had the opportunity to attend a concert, with my older brother. The concert was a great bill, co-headlined by RX BANDITS and DREDG. Opening the show, was AS TALL AS LIONS. I have heard a few cuts from RX Bandits, but honestly wouldn't be able to recite any songs, nor point them out, if they were playing on a radio. Dredg is a band that my brother, Ray, had introduced me to, about a month ago. I believe he came across them, while meandering the airwaves of LAST.FM. He played me a few cuts, and I immediately loved what I heard. When he called me, letting me know about the concert, I was more than happy to attend with him.

DREDG is a band that formed back in the early nineties, when junior high chums began playing music, together. They have released four full length studio albums, several e.p. titles, and a live album and DVD. They have performed at Coachella, and were featured in the 2006 TASTE OF CHAOS tour. The beautiful thing about their music, is that they have blended today's Alternative Rock with Progressive Rock, creating an original sound. Besides who doesn't love a band that utilizes a SPEAK AND SPELL (yes, think E.T., here) as one of their instruments.

There albums are always "concept" albums, and original artwork is always incorporated into their albums and concerts.

AS TALL AS LIONS, the opening act, hail from New York, and were another surprisingly good act. It's not often that I see a band, and immediately connect with their music. Such was the case for both bands of which I am discussing. As Tall As Lions have two full length Indie label releases, and will be releasing a third full length, this coming Tuesday. I am eager to get what is available.

RX Bandits, who I assume are a decent band, were just a little loud (volume level, NOT musically) for my tastes, and with two aching feet, I bowed out, after only a few songs. However, I was 100% satisfied.... both opening bands were so good, that I felt that the show could only go down hill from what I had experienced.

Here are a few videos of these great bands. Take time to watch them, and if your tastes are similar to mine, you may find yourself become an instant fan... just like me.