Discovery of the Week: GOD HELP THE GIRL

What an idea.... doing a "DISCOVERY OF THE WEEK". I like it. Now that I am paying a little more attention to the NPR "All Songs Considered" podcast, I will be talking more about new discoveries. This, however, is NOT one of those.

I was browsing the CD selection at my local library, when a CD cover jumped out at me. I picked it up, flipped it over, and saw that it was on Matador Records, one of (in my opinion) better Indie Rock labels. The copyright date was 2009, so I snagged it. I got home, and immediately played it on my computer, to give it a listen. It was immediately catchy, featuring a plethora of female vocalists, sometimes singing in glorious harmony.

A few songs into the album, I hear a male vocalist. I think to myself, "self, this sounds like the guy from Belle and Sebastian". I thought I'd Google the band, and see what they were all about. Sure enough, after going to their official website (, I saw that the project WAS, if fact, a project by Stuart Murdoch, of Belle and Sebastian. It was a project that he initially thought up, while touring in support of "Dear Catastrophe Waitress". It was to coincide a film, and was envisioned with female vocalists. Included are several female voices, the voice of Stuart Murdoch, as well as some other guests (including the vocalist from The Divine Comedy).

So, here it is... first, a video that shows a live performance in a Scottish church, including some history of the band, and where they came from... second, I will include an official video for the song,