Happy Belated HALLOWEEN!

Last Saturday (Halloween), I spent a half hour posting videos to my Facebook wall. Several with Halloween ties.... Oingo Boingo (Dead Man's Party), Ministry (Revenge) and let's not forget "TIME WARP", the classic song from Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Well, put all that aside, this last couple weeks I have really been delving into my library of Neo-Prog/Metal music. Dream Theater has become a real motivation for this. Anyhow, thanks to my iTunes "Genius" playlists, I was reminded of one of my favorite Neo-Prog bands.... Poland's RIVERSIDE. Today, I decided to search their video base and see if there was something I could post on Facebook.... just for the pleasure of it. But, what to my eyes did appear? A perfect video for Halloween.... albeit three days late.

The following is the song, "PANIC ROOM" by RIVERSIDE. This track is found on their RAPID EYE MOVEMENT album, and I am sure some of you will really like it. The rest of you? Well, click on the previous post and enjoy that TRASHCAN SINATRAS video. It'll probably be more to your liking....