The most recent addition to my DVD library is from the British duo, NO-MAN. This project is the 20+ year old collaboration of Steven Wilson (of Porcupine Tree fame) and vocalist Tim Bowness. What started as Steven Wilson's main project (he has gone on to perform under six different monikers and/or names) remains a mostly obscure Art Pop project.

The earliest recordings of No-Man were defined as the sounds of the New York Ghetto clashing with the Classical world, which was a (mostly) accurate statement. While the band utilized programmed rhythm methods, they also utilized a full time violinist (Ben Coleman... the original third member of the group), for the first two albums. Over time, the (now) duo of Wilson and Bowness explored different sounds and genres, settling on an ethereal Art Pop sound, based in the world of spacey Jazz.

This DVD offering is for fans, as well as those who have an appreciation for great music. It does not boast a plethora of effects, or a brilliant light show. It simply showcases the beautiful music of these two, complete with a handful of guest musicians. In addition to the nearly 90 minute concert, it also comes with a second disc featuring a smattering of No-Man videos, as well as a 90 minute documentary about this great band.

Whether or not it is still available, I don't know... but my version (a limited pressing) came with an additional CD, complete with 6 tracks taken from the concert (a total of 40 minutes of music). I can't get enough of the beauty found within the confines of this digital video disc... or it's accompanying CD... and I'm not libel to get over them any time soon.