Porcupine Tree/Steven Wilson/Richard Barbieri News

I have been a slacker, when it comes to looking at the Porcupine Tree/Burning Shed website, but was very excited to see some new items. http://www.burningshed.com/

First, Burning Shed (the retail outlet for everything Steven Wilson) is currently taking pre-orders for the new 2 disc 5.1 Surround Sound/DTS release of "THE INCIDENT", the most recent Porcupine Tree album. Previous 5.1 Surround releases have garnered not only praise, but awards, including Grammy nominations.

Second, Steven Wilson is currently releasing a series of 2 track CD singles, called "THE COVER VERSIONS". Information is vague, but is specific in the fact that these songs are Steven Wilson more "stripped down and personal" than anywhere else you may find him. The singles are limited, and now are created to be housed in packaging that holds all 5 singles.

Also featured on the Burning Shed website are several CD releases of some previous Richard Barbieri albums (Mr. Barbieri plays keyboards for Porcupine Tree, and was an original member of JAPAN). Included are a couple collaborations with fellow JAPAN member, STEVE JANSEN.

There is never a shortage of new items, including many obscure recordings from the various side projects of the four members of Porcupine Tree. Give it a look-see!