What's on Zeke's Turntable?

First off, I need to give credit where credit is due. I am borrowing this idea from a blog I recently visited: www.jeffreyanderson.blogspot.com. I have always wanted to randomly post records that I am listening to, on my turntable, but wasn't thinking outside the box. I wanted to post a photograph of me, with the album, but with my digital camera currently out of commission, I let it fall by the wayside. So, after seeing Jeff's blog, I thought I would do like Jeff... I will mention the album I am listening to, and something significant or personal about that record. I hope you like it.

On my turntable, tonight... February 18, 2010


The significant thing about this particular record, is that it is a very rare piece of vinyl. For those of you who are U2 enthusiasts, you are probably aware of the original version of "THE ELECTRIC CO,", which is the second track on side 2. In the middle of the song, Bono went into one of his ad-lib sections, where he sings some reworked lyrics to the tune of "Send In the Clown". The copyright owners of the song sued, and subsequent versions had an instrumental section, mostly just a bass riff, in it's place. Bono's vocals had been completely removed. This special album features the original version, as it was originally released. And hey... in addition to that, it has 7 other great songs.