Kim Simpson's Take on the BILLBOARD HOT 100 of 2009...a.k.a. "Taking One For the Team"

I just looked at my friend Kim's latest blog post. What I saw...well...filled me with an array of emotions. I felt sympathy for Kim, having to subject himself to the...dare I say... HORROR of researching the Hot 100 songs of 2009. I felt relief, as a music enthusiast... one, who is mostly ignorant of the songs involved. I felt sadness, about the state of Popular music, in today's culture. I felt a longing for music of past decades.

This task that Kim underwent could not have been easy. It must be noted that he painstakingly researched each and every song. Dissected the writing of each song, paying detailed attention to the chord structures, lyrics and production. He even went to the extent of watching videos of said songs, offering his take on the visual imagery associated with each piece of music.

Why am I posting a link to this? After the countless hours that Kim must have spent, researching each and every song, we need to give him the courtesy of at least looking. And, if you are like me... he's doing us a great public service... by sparing us the need to research these songs, ourselves.

On behalf of serious music fans, everywhere... we want to thank you, Kim. Thank you for taking one for the team.