What is on Zeke's Turntable? JIMI HENDRIX EXPERIENCE

After posting my favorite albums of 1967, I received a very valid comment wondering where Jimi Hendrix was. At that point, I had only ever listened to Jimi Hendrix in the context of compilations. I knew that it was time for me to dig further into the short, but amazing career of one of Rock's most innovative guitarists... and so I did. Not only did I purchase "Are You Experienced", but I also picked up "Axis: Bold as Love". I have since investigated further into Mr. Hendrix's career, utilizing the local library. Now I have all of his albums... and yes, I believe the above record will be posted on my favorite albums of 1967... but until then, at least know that I have been doing my homework.

Oh... and thanks, Mark. I've been enjoying the journey.


Mark said…
Always happy to share musical journeys. :-)