Zeke's Latest Discovery (almost): MATES OF STATE

May latest discovery is actually a NEAR discovery. I was flipping through the discount records at my local independent music store, when I came across the latest LP record, by MATES OF STATE. The cover features a layout with the feel of a classic portrait, featuring the pictures of the husband-and-wife team of Jason Hammel and Kori Gardner. I thought it would be worth the gamble, as it came with an mp3 download of the album, and it was reasonably priced. I placed it on hold, with the intention of returning the following day to purchase the record. In that interim time, I discovered that I actually had an earlier album of theirs, on my iPod. I hadn't really paid attention to it, but thought I would give it a listen, to see if it was something that I really wanted to invest in. I really liked the album already on my iPod, and ended up loving the latest album, entitled "RE-ARRANGE US".

Here is a video from that release...