THE BLACK RYDER: The latest in a string of bands to BLOW MY MIND!

This past Friday evening, Mrs. Dahl and I attended a live performance of The Cult. Mrs. Dahl has very few bands that she insists on seeing, and fortunately The Cult is one of them. Shortly before the show, while waiting for Mrs. Dahl to make some wardrobe decisions, I sat at the computer and Googled THE BLACK RYDER, the band that was scheduled to open the show. The first thing I found was the following video...

Hmmmm, I said... this is one intriguing band. I proceeded to find their MySpace page, which is their best web presence. I listened to several songs and enjoyed what I heard. It wasn't until I witnessed their set (we arrived minutes before The Black Ryder took the stage) that I truly realized the beauty of this band. Where the actual group is focused around two artists Aimee Nash and Scott Von Ryper, both of whom hail from Australia. They formed The Black Ryder after being in the band, THE MORNING AFTER GIRLS.

You would need to venture deep into their debut album BUY THE TICKET, TAKE THE RIDE to fully appreciate the depth of their music. I can only describe it as this... their music is a rich tapestry of noise. A sound scape that is carefully woven out of dissonant chords, harmonies and songs that melt together. It was a most beautiful experience for those of us who truly got their music. Others just stood with a sense of intrigue. Me? I was lost in the sound... immersed in the noise. Which one are you?