There are few bands (or rather, "collectives") that I respect more than THE GOLDEN PALOMINOS. Beginning in 1981 as part of the "No Wave" movement, this group always featured a the core of ANTON FIER (drums, formerly of The Feelies), BILL LASWELL and NICKY SKOPELITIS. In actuality, Fier acted as the ringleader of this collective and was known to shift gears into completely new waters, every couple of albums.

This video hails from the 1985 album, VISIONS OF EXCESS, which featured guest artists like Richard Thompson, Syd Straw (these Golden Palominos recordings were her first professional work), John Lydon, Jack Bruce and the gentleman that sings this particular track. Entertain me, people.... see if you can guess who it is.

*A funny story in relation to this song. I first saw the video played on MTV. I promptly went down to Starbound Records in Salt Lake City and began singing the song, saying that the vocals sounded like (name omitted) and was only given puzzled looks. At that point, I believe I called the local "Modern Music" station, describing the song to them... even singing it to them... where I was told "That sounds like The Golden Palominos". Starbound happened to have it, and I picked it up. Sure enough, it was the song... and it ended up being one of my favorite albums of the latter half of the 80's.

As stated, see if you can guess the vocalist.