Uncle Zeke's Video o' the Week: FREELANCE WHALES

Not only is this quirky, catchy and infinitely beautiful video by FREELANCE WHALES, my Video o' the Week, but it is also my (near) discovery of the week. Truth be told, I first heard of this band last summer, when I received a copy of PASTE magazine (the coolest magazine to ever live... and die) which featured an article about the group. Their history is as unique as the music you are about to hear... and see.

Freelance Whales is the creation of multi-instrumentalist and frontman, Judah Dadone. A few years ago, Dadone began gathering the instruments for the Freelance Whales' debut album, WEATHERVANES, including a banjo (it belonged to his stepfather), a harmonium (from India) and a water phone (which he found on the Lower East Side of Manhattan... after which, he utilized Craigslist to find bandmates from across the city of New York to play them all. If that weren't enough, he used Craigslist to locate some more of the eclectic instruments to be used on the album, and even located an Amish family in Lancaster, Penn (also via Craigslist) who allowed them to come work on their farm for a few days, where they assisted with the families bamboo harvest. In return for their labors, they were given a load of the bamboo to keep for themselves. Dadone also said, "If we're not paralyzed by the irony of the Amish using Craigslist, and if our hand-craftiness doesn't fail us, we may have a bamboo pipe organ by mid 2010". Let's hope they, in fact, created that pipe organ... and that it will be utilized on their future second album.

In the meantime, kick off your shoes and enjoy this video from FREELANCE WHALES, entitled "GENERATOR 2nd FLOOR".