What's on Zeke's Turntable? STAN CAMPBELL

I have yet to pony up the $30+ dollars to secure a used copy of this CD, but I did feel comfortable spending a few bucks on a great used LP of the eponymous debut album by Stan Campbell, former vocalist of THE SPECIAL A.K.A.

A brief history. Once upon a time, there was a British Ska band called, THE SPECIALS. The Specials consisted of several black and white individuals... not that THAT is really important to the story. After a couple brilliant albums, the lead singer and principle songwriter, Terry Hall, decided that he had had enough of this Ska thing and took a couple of his black cohorts and formed the group, FUN BOY THREE. Left without a lead vocalist, the remaining members of The Specials hired on Stan Campbell to sing, and they continued on under the moniker, THE SPECIAL A.K.A.

The Special A.K.A. had a hit with the song, "FREE NELSON MANDELA". Yeah, it may have taken 6 more years, but somebody listened to them.

In 1987, Stan released this eponymous debut album, drawing from several musical styles. There is a little Pop. Even a little Jazz. Even a little R&B. But, no Ska. Sorry, folks. This album is brilliant from start to finish, and even includes a couple of great covers. Included on the album, apart from many fresh originals, are wonderful interpretations of "DON'T LET ME BE MISUNDERSTOOD" (a hit for Elvis Costello) and "STRANGE FRUIT", a hit for the legendary, Billie Holiday.

Enjoy the video for the single, "YEARS GO BY"....