Zeke's Latest Discovery: CARY BROTHERS

First off, let me point out.... Cary Brothers is a HIM, not a THEM. My first exposure to Cary Brothers was last Wednesday night. Well... no... that's not entirely true. After "discovering" the music of Mr. Brothers last week, I came to realize that I already had two of his songs... one on a (Trance DJ) TIESTO mix disc, and the other on the Garden State soundtrack. However, for all intents and purposes, I really discovered his music at the Joshua Radin concert which I attended.

Immediately after entering the venue, I quickly went over to the merchandise table to see what goodies were to be found. I was hoping to find a copy of forthcoming album by concert opening act, Laura Jansen. I had checked out Ms. Jansen's MySpace page prior to going to the concert, and was very excited about what I had heard. However, to my disappointment, there was no new release from Laura Jansen. For the record, her debut album will be released on March 22nd, on Decca Records. I forget the title... but it's going to be good.

On the merchandise table, I saw the vinyl copy of the latest album by Cary Brothers, entitled "UNDER CONTROL". The cover art was simple. It features a side shot of Mr. Brothers, with unkempt hair and a beard. But, with my fascination with vinyl, I still felt an urge to purchase it. After all, it was reasonably priced (at $15.00). I summoned the attention of the merchandise dude, asking him about the album. He reported that the album was a little bit Rock, a little mellow, but an overall good album. 'Hmmmmmm', I thought to myself. Is it worth the gamble? Shucks... I don't know. I left, but quickly came back. I wanted it, but still couldn't bring myself to purchase it.

I settled in to the audience, when Cary Brothers took the stage. I knew halfway through the first song that it was going to be a good album. After the second, I was fighting my way back to the merchandise table to secure a copy of the album.

Friends, let me tell you this. Not only is Cary Brothers one of the nicest musicians you will ever meet (I did, in fact, meet him... where his first action was to thrust his hand out, giving me a hearty handshake), but his latest album (his 2nd full length, preceded by another full length and at least 2 E.P.'s) is my favorite album of the year. Or, if the 2010 copyright on the back is actually true, it is quite possibly my favorite album of last year. I love the thing from start to finish. Not only do I love it from start to finish, but I have yet to listen to it once. What I mean is that every time I have listened to it once, I have listened to it a second time... and often times, a third. My only complaint is that the album is too short.

Regardless, that being said, I am going to include a video from the latest album ("GHOST TOWN") in addition to a couple of audio tracks, one being his cover of Level 42's classic, "SOMETHING ABOUT YOU", as well as my favorite original cut, the haunting "CAN'T TAKE MY EYES OFF OF YOU". Watch and listen, people... you won't regret it.


Ghost Town (directed by Kyle Eaton) from Cary Brothers on Vimeo.




Kate said…
I LOVE him. I'm SO glad you turned me on to him! I particularly dig the stuff I've heard with Tiesto, which I found on blip.fm.

As you might say: "Tasty."