What's on My Turntable? EXPLOSIONS IN THE SKY

What is on my turntable? Only the absolute coolest vinyl release I have ever seen. The latest EXPLOSIONS IN THE SKY album, "TAKE CARE, TAKE CARE, TAKE CARE" features 2 180 gram LP records, with music on the first three sides and a beautiful etching of brick artwork on the fourth side. In addition to the ultra cool vinyl, this baby features a quadruple gatefold cover, which actually creates the four walls to a rustic cabin, with the inside being a wooden floor board. When placed in the proper position, the cabin will have four walls on the inside and four walls on the outside. It also features a poster that can be placed underneath to create the effect of underbrush. So, simply put, this is the perfect rustic cabin for Barbie and Ken.

(Barbie and Ken not included)