Another Sub-Pop Favorite: THE HEAD AND THE HEART

What do I love so much about Sub-Pop Records, based out of Seattle? Is it the fact that they consistently release some of the most interesting music out there? Possibly. Is it the fact that their vinyl releases contains high quality 180 gram vinyl, and often times include some bonus goodies... like otherwise unreleased tracks, E.P.'s and remixes? Sure. Is it the fact that they are the label of one of my favorite bands of all time, FLEET FOXES? Heck, that is a definite bonus.

I guess what I REALLY like about Sub-Pop Records, especially as a blog writer, is the fact that they allow me to embed their videos... like this tasty little nugget from THE HEAD AND THE HEART, yet another swell band to hail from America's Northwest. Enjoy it, as I have done....