Daggumit. When it rains, it pours. I've been sitting in a funk of stale music for the past month, anxiously awaiting today, Tuesday, September 13th. At first, I was only eager for the new BLITZEN TRAPPER album, "American Goldwing". Then, I come to find out that the third album by ST. VINCENT was being released today. Holy cow. How am I going to afford TWO albums? Keeping in mind that I prefer to buy the vinyl releases, when available... most retailing for $15-$25 a piece. And, if that weren't enough, I just found out that the latest release by MATES OF STATE just came out today, as well. I'd better get saving... or trading... or something. Here are videos from each of my anticipated releases.... I hope you enjoy them.

MATES OF STATE: "MARACAS" from the new release, "Mountaintops"

BLITZEN TRAPPER: "LOVE THE WAY YOU WALK AWAY", from the new release, "American Goldwing".

ST. VINCENT: "CRUEL", from the new release, "Strange Mercy"