ROCKTOBER: What to Expect...

During the month of September, a friend of mine (Cathy Newton) participated in a project called, "SKIRTEMBER". During Skirtember, she (and the other members of the group) posted a picture of herself wearing a different skirt, oft times with a short summary of where the skirt came from. I found myself fascinated with the array of skirts, often finding that my favorites were actually "thrift store" purchases.

During the month, I commented on one of Cathy's pictures, stating that 'the best thing about Skirtember is the fact that Rocktober is right around the corner'. Cathy was intrigued about Rocktober, wondering what it entailed. Truth be told, Rocktober was just a name given the month of October by a local car stereo company, who would have sales through the month of October. Not one to let a good opportunity slide by, I put my mind to work. How clever, I thought to myself, it would be to do like Cathy did with "Skirtember", except utilizing skirts, I would pose for a picture every day of the month with a different Rock/music oriented t-shirt. IF ONLY I had 31 shirts.

Well, after taking an inventory of my wardrobe, I discovered that I DO, in fact, have more than 31 music t-shirts. Excited at the prospect of being able to do 31 different t-shirts, and being one to never waste an opportunity to do something crazy, I added one more tier to my Rocktober fun and games. I would enter the month with a cleanly shaven head and a very minimal amount of facial hair (a neatly trimmed chin goatee). For the entire month of October, I would not utilize a razor at all. The exercise would not only give you, the reader, a look into what t-shirts I have acquired over the years (and in many cases, HOW I acquired them), but it would give ALL OF US (myself included) the opportunity to see what my hair (or lack thereof) looks like... what color it is... and how scruffy my beard can get during the course of the month.

There is no doubt that, by the end of the month, I am going to look scruffy. That being said, this is most certainly going to be an adventure... if not for you, most certainly for me.

So.... join me here, tomorrow (October 1st) for the beginning of the best Rocktober ever.