ROCKTOBER: DAY 1 - Pink Floyd

For day one of Rocktober, I decided to model one of my several Pink Floyd t-shirts. Why, you ask? Well, simply put, it's because I own at least 4 Pink Floyd t-shirts, and I will be modeling each and every one of them. I thought I would spread them out so you wouldn't be Pink Floyd fatigued before we even really got some kind of momentum rolling.

Was this a tour shirt? No. I was 13, when The Wall was released. As much as I would have loved to see Pink Floyd back in 1980, it wasn't even a remote possibility. First off, my parents wouldn't let me go to concerts (unattended) until I was 16... although, they caved when I was 15.

This shirt actually came with the Best Buy Exclusive version of THE WALL. It contained the remastered (not the latest remaster, mind you) 2 CD version of THE WALL, housed in a fat double CD jewel case, in addition to this sweet t-shirt. The best part of this set is that the t-shirt was produced on a high quality Hanes XL t-shirt, unlike several of the European t-shirt box sets that I have seen (or purchased) over the years.

So, to summarize: A pretty sweet Pink Floyd t-shirt, and a freshly shorn head. Stay tuned for another surprise tomorrow.... or today, since it is nearly 2AM on October 2nd.