This shirt is the "freshest" shirt in the Rocktober wardrobe.  Acquired on Monday, October 10th, this shirt is also one of the more surreal shirts in my wardrobe.

For those of you who aren't familiar with St. Vincent, it is a "she" and NOT a "them".  Who is she, you ask?  She is Annie Clark, a 28-year old singer/songwriter, from Texas, by way of New York.  She has three albums out, the most recent being the critically acclaimed, "Strange Mercy.

Annie & Co. played at Urban Lounge and really rocked the house.  Yeah... you heard me... they ROCKED THE HOUSE.  I'm done sounding like Wesley Willis.  No, I'm not.  They really whooped a horse's ass.

I know I have posted these videos on my Facebook page, but I'm going to make sure that everyone else gets to enjoy these incredibly creative, artistic videos.


"Actor Out of Work"

"Laughing With a Mouth Full of Blood"