Well, ladies and gentlemen, we are now (almost) halfway done with Rocktober.  The month has flown by.  For the 15th day, I am busting out another tattered long sleeve t-shirt, which I've owned for around 15 years... give or take a year.  This shirt was purchased at a Wolfgang Press performance, one from the legendary (in Salt Lake concert circles) Zephyr Club.

The Wolfgang Press were a band on 4AD Records, which was best known for it's very moody, near Gothic bands like Dead Can Dance, Cocteau Twins, This Mortal Coil (which was actually a project that featured most 4AD artists), Modern English, among others.  For the better part of their early career, The Wolfgang Press fit into that mold very well.  With 1995's "Funky Little Demons", the band nearly flirted with a mainstream Alternative Pop sound.  It featured a couple of Alternative/College Radio hits, "Going South" and "Christianity".  You may also note in the above photograph that I did, in fact, shave my neck.  It was driving me insane... not to mention, it made me look like crap.  Very literally, like fecal matter.  I'm going to go with a semi-neat looking beard for the rest of the month, and will continue to grow it through the Winter months and into the early Spring.  It's going to be "freakin' sweet" by then.

I will feature one or both of the videos for your entertainment.

"Going South"


As a bonus feature, I am going to include a picture of my awesome mailman tan line.