I believe the warning was placed, early in Rocktober, that I would have a plethora of Pink Floyd shirts to model during the month.  I am trying to keep them on (or around) Sundays, just to keep them spread evenly.  I will only model four of the seven that I have owned over the years.  One may think that I'm an absolute fanatic, when it comes to Pink Floyd.  I don't know if I would go to that extent, but I AM a big fan.  I will listen to the more obscure albums every bit as much as I will listen to the pivotal albums... ofttimes, even more.  Part of the reason that I gathered so many Pink Floyd shirts, over the years, was that I worked in a music store during the 90's, and Floyd shirts were one of our biggest sellers.  I would even occasionally wear my ATOM HEART MOTHER t-shirt as my unofficial Winder Dairy milkman uniform, when I knew management wasn't around to bust my chops.  What better way to advertise your product that having a large, spotted Holstein on your chest!

For this week's Pink Floyd shirt, I have opted for my favorite of the bunch.  It was given to me, last Christmas, by my youngest daughter, who also shares a fondness for the music of Pink Floyd.  I can't remember exactly where she bought it, but I know it was at Fashion Place Mall, so I'm going to go out on a limb and say Hot Topic, although it's infinitely much higher quality than many of the shirts there.  It features the cover art of twelve of their fourteen studio albums.  I found it odd that one of the two noticeable left from the album was one of their most popular....... THE WALL.  I'm assuming that it was left off because of the brash color contrast that would have been present.  Truth be told, I think I'm glad they did.  What is left is a beautiful collage of much of the fantastic work done by the legendary Storm Thorgerson.