Of all the shirts I have posted thus far, this is probably the most obscure artist.  For those of you not familiar with Jessica Lea Mayfield, she is an Alt-Country artist whose last couple albums have been produced by Dan Aurbach of The Black Keys.  He also appears on the albums.

Where the story gets interesting is when Jessica came to town, earlier this Spring, playing a show at Kilby Court.  I wanted to go to it, but something came up at the last minute and I missed the concert.  I was bummed.  A week later, I was shopping for music at Graywhale, in Taylorsville.  The manager, Zane, was wearing a Jessica Lea Mayfield tour shirt.  Not only was I covetous (naughty, naughty me), but I was REALLY bummed that I didn't get to go to the show and get a shirt of my own.


Fast forward to end of July.  My dear friend, Mary, gave me a ticket to see the Avett Brothers, at the Gallivan Center, as a birthday present.  After arriving at the concert, we started wondering who the opening act was, as we hadn't heard prior to the show.  I asked Mary's nephew if he knew who was opening, when he casually said, "Jessica Lea Mayfield".  I couldn't see straight, nor could I walk straight.  I headed to the merchandise tent and stood in line for the better part of a half hour.  I saw the beloved J.L.M. tour shirt hanging in the tent, and even better, it was only $15 dollars.  As I approached the front of the line, I eagerly asked the woman for a J.L.M. shirt in an XL.  She quickly told me that she only handled merchandise for the Avett Brothers, and that I needed to return when Jessica's "people" were there.  I was a little agitated, but decided to come back during her set to get the shirt.  It turns out that Jessica's "people" may, in fact, have been her mother.  I didn't care... I FINALLY got my shirt.  The shirt that you see here... 

Enjoy it, as I have.... and if I can find some videos of Miss Jessica Lea, enjoy those, too.

"Is This Love" w/ Seth Avett

"Our Hearts Are Wrong" from the David Letterman Show