For Day 2 of Rocktober, I have selected my "Weightlifting Tour" shirt, which was NOT purchased during the Weightlifting Tour, but subsequently during the August 2009 performance at Club Vegas, preceding the release of their latest, "In the Music". It was on sale for $10, as it was from the previous tour. What can I say.... I'm a bargain shopper. I should probably point out that I DID see the Sinatras on the Weightlifting Tour, but didn't have it in my budget to purchase a t-shirt at that point in time. I was ever grateful for the clearance merchandise the next time I saw them.

The Aeropostale plaid shorts were purchased at Plato's Closet for the low, low price of $5.00. What can I say.... I'm a bargain shopper.

It must also be pointed out that the facial hair on my chin was trimmed following the photo shoot, enabling the coming razor stubble to blend in a little better. I must apologize for the shadow of my daughter in the first picture. I would have not included it, but we needed to showcase the thrift store shorts.

It must ALSO be pointed out that the pattern on the shirt is a silhouette of laundry blowing in a breeze. I know you were all wondering exactly what it was. You're welcome.

The following picture is entirely irrelevant, but I thought you might like to see what a flock of charging ducks looks like. Again... you're welcome.