ROCKTOBER: Day 27 - U2 (Part Deux)

 For Day 27 of Rocktober, I am showcasing my latest, greatest U2 shirt.  This shirt was from this past May's 360 Tour at Rice-Eccles Stadium, on the University of Utah campus.  Here is how the story goes.  The 360 Tour was supposed to visit Utah, back in 2010.  Bono hurt his back, forcing them to postpone the tour so that Bono could undergo emergency back surgery.  Last Winter, there was a rather heavy media blitz to sell tickets to the rescheduled show (with many people having sought refunds instead of holding on to tickets for the rescheduled show) and, after finding out that there were tickets for $30.00, I decided to buy a ticket for myself and a ticket for a good friend of mine, for her birthday (which was the day following the rescheduled show).  As a return favor, she promised to buy me a tour shirt for MY birthday (although it wasn't until August).  So, in commemoration of a great concert, here is a great shirt... one of many different styles available at the show, including one that actually had a blueprint of Rice-Eccles    Stadium on the back.  How cool is that?


In the meantime, enjoy the photos, and I'll see if I can drum up some video footage from the 360 Tour, for you personal entertainment...

"VERTIGO"  from U2 360 Tour