Anyone who knows me knows that I love the Fleet Foxes.  I don't just love them, I adore them.  No... no.... the more I think about it, I'm totally gay for them.  Especially that Robin Pecknold.  His smile makes me melt.  And so do his songs.  And then throw in the harmonies of the rest of the band?  Sheesh.  Fetch me a cold spoon.  Please.

Now, I would like to clarify to all of you that DON'T know me... I'm not really gay (not that there is anything wrong with that)... but I love Fleet Foxes more than nearly any other artist to hit the music scene since 1991.  I insist that, IF you like the music in these videos, you venture out and buy their albums.  Or download them off the internet.  Or have your friends make a copy.  I don't normally (openly) condone file sharing, but Robin does... he's all for it.  He wants you to get an illegal copy of his albums, and I support Robin in supporting that.

As for the shirt, it is (by far) the most detailed shirt I have ever gotten.  I actually have a litho of the same image, that came with my LP when I purchased it.  To sum it up... it's a sweet shirt... and an even sweeter band.