For day three of Rocktober, I have decided to keep things very casual. While my daughter slumbered in the next room (leaving me to my own devices), I decided to shoot the pictures by myself. At least the first two... I did need her to take care of a shot of the back side of my shirt. Unfortunately, I haven't found myself to be flexible enough to take pictures of my back. At least from the angle that I would like it.

This shirt comes from The Cure's SWING TOUR of '96. This was my second time seeing The Cure, and as usual, I was not disappointed. Cost for the shirt was probably $25-$30, since that was the norm for large venue shows. I hope those boys enjoyed the profits from that shirt.

I would like to point out that the following picture is simply intended to give you an idea of what the back side of the shirt looks like. I, by no means, want to give you the impression that I am going to a) kiss the framed litho of Peter Gabriel, or b) worship the framed litho of Peter Gabriel. I'm just happy that Peter could be part of Rocktober, since my beloved Peter Gabriel shirt from the US era disappeared many years ago. And trust me..... it rocked.

Beginning today, and continuing every few days, I will take a close up picture of the facial hair, so you can get a better idea of what the scruff is looking like. Believe it or not, this picture was entirely accidental. While trying to get a picture of my face and t-shirt, I inadvertently zoomed the lens to take the following stellar shot. I hope you enjoy it. Please... try to enjoy it.