The year was 1995 (I think), the venue was the infamous Utah State Fairgrounds Coliseum, and the show was the "Cascade Tour" of Peter Murphy, with opening act, a relatively unknown, Jewel. I know, I know... I tell people that I saw Peter Murphy with Jewel, and they look at me like I'm on some kind of hallucinogenic. Trust me, people, I'm not... nor was I.

This shirt, although very old (note the last picture, with the ragged holes in the sleeve), is one of the more artistic shirts I have ever gotten at a concert. Not only is it long sleeve, but it features the cover art of "Cascade" (painted by a Turkish artist), the word "Cascade" down the left sleeve, AND poetic lyrics on the back side. Rest assured, friends, those are NOT tour dates.

For me, October is a month for the music of Peter Murphy. While some of his songs and imagery are somewhat Gothic in nature, it was in October of 1988 that I first discovered the music of Peter Murphy. First, the song "Indigo Eyes", and next, the song "All Night Long" (the video featured below) which, to this day, is still one of my all time favorite songs AND music videos. Enjoy...

All Night Long