For the 7th shirt in my Rocktober Blogapolooza, I opted for function over style. I DO find this hoodie to be immensely stylish, but it is, without a doubt, one of the most simple shirts in my wardrobe.

First, let me explain who Azure Ray is. They are the collaboration between Birmingham, Alabama natives, Maria Taylor and Orenda Fink. They met as teenagers and eventually relocated to Omaha, Nebraska to participate in the "booming music scene"*. There, they recorded for the Saddle Creek record label, as well as appearing on many of the releases by their label mates, including Bright Eyes.

I had the chance to see Azure Ray after they reunited on a "semi-permanent basis", when they performed at the State Room (Salt Lake City's coolest concert venue) on October 30th, 2010. I purchased this hoodie, as it was actually cheaper than many regular concert t-shirts.... and, because it's comfortable AND stylish on top of that.

The following is a sample of the music that Azure Ray has to offer. I hope you enjoy it...

"Don't Leave My Mind"

"Make Your Heart" (Live)

"Don't Leave My Mind" (Live)

* a lyric taken from the final album by fellow Omaha Indie Rockers, RILO KILEY