Although I am technically a half hour late for Day 8, I am here to post it. In reality, it's still getting to my West Coast friends (as well as many others this side of the International Date Line) before Day 9 technically starts up. So, let's just pretend that, here in my sanctuary in the Mountain Daylight Time Zone, it is STILL Saturday.

For Day 8, I have selected another jacket. It's been rather brisk... nearly Winter-like... and I felt that the Michael Franti & Spearhead jacket was the best option for a cool day like today. Although I have seen Michael Franti & Spearhead twice, and Michael Franti solo-acoustic once, I actually purchased this jacket as a Christmas present, via his website. I love it... not just because of its stylish design, but because of the "powerful" message on the back. For those of you familiar with Michael Franti, you know that his message is not only powerful, but all about peace. From his 2006 documentary, "I Know We're Not Alone", where Michael personally goes behind the scenes in Baghdad to interview the locals about the devastation brought about by the "War on Terror" to the Palestinian front, where he confronts meets the locals and the military personnel, Michael consistently tries to bring his message of peace where it is needed most. There is nothing I like more than to have this message plastered across my back, whenever I am wearing this jacket.

The following are is an example his urgent message of global peace, and an example of the positive, upbeat message of love that Mr. Franti has to offer. Enjoy...

Time To Go Home

The Sound of Sunshine