As you will discover by month's end, I have several Pink Floyd t-shirts. Today's offering is the second in the series. This shirt is an actual 1994 Division Bell Tour shirt, purchased at their performance in Phoenix, Arizona. Before you ask if I was fortunate enough to see the '94 tour, I was not. However, I did work at a music store in Salt Lake City and may or may not have sold a copy of The Division Bell to a loyal customer (and avid Pink Floyd fan) a few days before it's official release. Said customer may or may not have reciprocated the favor by bringing me home this souvenir tour shirt from the concert.

It is a sad side-note to report to my Salt Lake peeps that Pink Floyd was interested in playing in Salt Lake on that tour, but Rice Stadium was not big enough for the stage. Bummer for us. Especially since the band has all but officially broken up.

As Pink Floyd is notorious for keeping a tight reign on their videos, I have found my single favorite moment in the Pink Floyd cannon to include on this post. It is the guitar solo from the VHS/Laser Disc/DVD release of PULSE, taken from the song Comfortably Numb. It gives me chills with each listen, even to this day...

As a side note, if you get on YouTube, you can find video from this year's surprise performance of David Gilmour playing atop Roger Water's WALL. Not the best solo of Gilmour's career, but a stellar moment nonetheless.