Uncle Zeke's Dream Come True: HAPPY RHODES

For the better part of 20 years, I have been an avid fan of New York singer/songwriter, HAPPY RHODES.  Happy is what I would refer to as the quintessential "Indie" artist.  Her first four albums were merely compilations of songs that she had recorded between 1984 and 1988 (give or take a year or two).

The tracks were compiled and released on Aural Gratification Records, a label owned by her then boyfriend, Kevin Bartlett.  I first discovered her music after reading a Billboard magazine record review for her 7th release, "EQUIPOISE".  In the article, it referenced how Happy's voice range goes from a "near masculine alto to a near identical Kate Bush soprano".  Indeed, her higher range is nearly identical to the legendary singer/songwriter Kate Bush, however, what the critic called a "near masculine alto" is actually a VERY masculine baritone.  Truth be told, Happy Rhodes can sing lower than I can.... and to the highest of soprano ranges, without sounding screechy like.... ummm.... Mariah Carey?  

Anyhow, for the past 19 years, I have had an immense desire to see Happy Rhodes perform live. The only problem is that, apart from an occasional festival in California, most of Happy's performing has been on the east coast.  She has a hotbed of fans in Pennsylvania, among other eastern seaboard states, but where I live... out in no-man's land, Utah, we get nothin'.

Until now.

Thanks to the plethora of Happy Rhodes fanatics that have been very generous with their assorted YouTube clips, we have (for several years) had plenty of glimpses into the live world of Happy Rhodes.  Now, we have complete concerts from some of her Pennsylvania concert appearances.  

Keep in mind that these recordings were obviously done with amateur looking cameras, but they have enabled people like me to finally live the dream of seeing a Happy Rhodes concert, even IF it's 15 years after the fact.  So, without further ado, I am going to post a couple of said concerts for your viewing entertainment.

TIN ANGEL 10/12/1996
Pennsylvania, PA

TIN ANGEL   03/15/1997
Pennsylvania, PA

Toledo, OH


Vickie said…
Hi, my name's Vickie and I've been a fan of Happy's for about 23 years. I have a Google Alert for Happy's name and this blog came up. Thank you for sharing! I'm "xenussister" on YouTube (I posted the concerts). My husband is "K8fan" and we're the "plethora" of Happy fanatics who put up all the live videos. :) I love reading nice things about Happy and I'm always pleased to hear people say they watch and enjoy the live clips/shows we put up. We did it for people like you! Thanks again. - Vickie
Uncle Zeke said…
Well, Vickie... thanks to YOU and your husband for making these experiences for me and the rest of Happy's fans that don't have the opportunity to see her.