GusGus: Icelandic Multi-Media Madness

Ever since late 1988 and the American emergence of THE SUGARCUBES, Iceland has proven to generate some of the most eclectic, innovative and interesting music of the last several decades.  In the 1990's, GUSGUS (pronounced Cus Cus) emerged as not just a band, but a multi-media collective.  The cast members have changed... vocalists have come and gone, many to return... but the music has never dulled.  In my opinion, it has only become more interesting as the years go by.  

So, settle in and enjoy this smorgasbord of wonderful music (and video) from the Icelandic genius that is GusGus.


"BELIEVE" (Live)

Since I originally did this post, Icelandic Multi-Media artists GusGus have released another album.  The album, ARABIAN HORSE, while returning somewhat to the sounds of ATTENTION, contains some of my favorite music by these eclectic artists.

The following is the "Official Video" of OVER, my favorite GusGus song of all time, as well as a special KEXP in-studio performance, which, in my opinion, shows a more honest and soulful side of the group.  Enjoy what you see...


Entire KEXP performance

And, for those of you playing "catch-up", here are a couple of previous singles released from the band, dating back to the 90's.