My Favorite Song of 2012: "OPIUM", by Dead Can Dance

Just in case the Mayans were right, I'm going to post my favorite song of 2012.  I'm still trying to mentally absorb all the albums that came out this year, and am worried that I won't be able to compile a Top 20 list.  Don't worry folks... it'll come.  It may be mid-March, but it'll come.

Before we enjoy the video for this beautiful song, let me talk a little bit about it.  It was earlier this year that word began to spread that Brendan Perry and Lisa Gerrard were reuniting to release a much anticipated new Dead Can Dance album.  Their last album, SPIRITCHASER was released in 1996.  I had second row balcony tickets to see them on that tour, when they cancelled the show at 4PM, the day of the show.  I was heartbroken.  To add insult to injury, it was my birthday, and I had purchased tickets with a few friends of mine.  Then, if THAT wasn't bad enough, they announced shortly afterward that they were breaking up.

Brendan Perry went on to record two solo albums, the last of which, "ARK", was one of my favorite releases of a couple years ago.  Lisa Gerrard went on to a rather successful career, both recording solo albums, in addition to doing film scores, most notably THE GLADIATOR and WHALE RIDER.

This long awaited new album was well worth the wait.  Although it is a little shy of classic DCD percussion, it is a beautifully written and recorded piece, from start to finish.  Without further adieu, "OPIUM"....