Here's One That Got Away: PATRICK WATSON

The reality is, folks, if I hadn't done my Top 20 of 2012 post last weekend, the latest album by Patrick Watson, "Adventures in Your Own Back Yard" would probably top that list.  And I've only heard three songs from the album (so far).  Musically, it reminds me of the moodier side of OTHER LIVES, one of my favorite discoveries of 2011.  

Upon researching the background of my favorite new artist, I found that Patrick Watson in a Canadian singer/songwriter, hailing from Montreal, Quebec.  Go figure.  Those Canadians are a talented lot.  

The music is artistic on every level, seeming to draw in inspiration from the likes of Andrew Bird (an artist listed on the Wikipedia page, along with other luminaries such as Rufus Wainright, Nick Drake, Jeff Buckley and Pink Floyd... how's that for good company?), incorporating many Classical ideas and instruments into his work.  I LOVE what I've heard... I hope you do, too....