Here's One That Got Away: WASHED OUT

One of my favorite discoveries of this year was an album that was released back in 2011.  I know... it's old.  WAAAAAY OLD.  But, it's good.  No.... it's great.  WASHED OUT released their first full length album (after a few E.P. releases), "WITHIN AND WITHOUT" on Sub Pop Records, in July of last year.  WASHED OUT is actually the project of Ernest Greene of Perry, Georgia.  While the recordings are mainly solo projects, Ernest has since gathered a four piece band (including himself) to take care of the touring.  I, myself, am happy for that decision, because, as much as I love the music on the album, I truly appreciated the added depth that the band brought to the live performance I saw, last Fall.

For now, enjoy the video for "AMOR FATI", by WASHED OUT.