One of the Best Bands You've Never Heard Of: THE JOY FORMIDABLE

I'm sure I will piss off more than one Nirvana fan when I say that The Joy Formidable is the band that Nirvana wishes they would have been.  Okay... so Kurt Cobain was mopey and an entire generation of teens full of typical teen angst connected with them, but musically... well... Dave Grohl was the more talented member.  

The Joy Formidable come from Mold, Wales.  You heard me right.... MOLD, Wales.  Wales, until now, was best known for Tom Jones.  Well... in all fairness, I guess it's still best known for Tom.  Hey, Tom!  What's new, pussycat?!?

What is new is the sophomore full length release by this talented trio.  "WOLF'S LAW" continues on where "THE BIG ROAR" (their debut full-length release) left off.  It was rumored that early on in their career, vocalist/guitarist Ritzy Bryan needed help lugging her plethora of guitar pedals.  It's no surprise... she's a petite little thing.

To help give you an idea of the wall of noise that The Joy Formidable is capable of, I am going to include a few videos... a couple of which come from there 2011 KEXP/SXSW performance, recorded in Mellow Johnny's Bike Shop... presumable in Austin, Texas.  That's the live music capital of the world, yo.

So... sit back... relax... and enjoy the soothing refrains of the Welsh noise machine, THE JOY FORMIDABLE....





WHIRRING (Official Video)


THIS LADDER IS OURS  (Official Video)

WOLF'S LAW  (Official Video)

CHOLLA  (Official Video)