Uncle Zeke's Video o' the Week: JIM JAMES - "KNOW TIL NOW"

It's been a few years since I stumbled across the My Morning Jacket, "EVIL URGES", in a local record store's discount vinyl section.  I was immediately smitten by the quirkiness of the music, not to mention the beautiful voice of the vocalist, Jim James.  

Jim James has been one of the reigning minstrels of the Indie music scene that has become more mainstream over the last few years.  Whether working with MMJ, doing solo outings (I would recommend his EP of George Harrison covers, performed solely on an acoustic guitar), or with his peers (Monsters of Folk, anyone?) like Conor Oberst, M. Ward or Jay Farrar of Son Volt, there is nary a dull moment.

The following two video offerings are taken from the forthcoming solo album by Jim James, "REGIONS OF LIGHT AND SOUND OF GOD", set for release on February 5th.  First, the video for the track "KNOW TIL NOW", and second, "A NEW LIFE".  

I can't speak for all y'all, but I'm rather excited for this album.

So... sit back... take your shoes off... and enjoy these two new tracks (and one official video) from the hairiest man in music, Jim James.