Zeke's Latest Discovery: ST. LUCIA

No, NOT the tropical paradise.  THIS St. Lucia is a band (artist?) out of (if I understand it correctly) New York, by way of South Africa, by way of England.  I'm trying to hunt down the information about the artist, but keep running into dead ends with information about the Caribbean island.  So... you're on your own.

That said, I saw the "band" version (I believe the cat behind the band records the albums mostly by himself, a la WASHED OUT, but tours with a five piece band) the other night, opening for Ellie Goulding.  I was floored by the energy that this band had.  I feel pretty confident that it won't be long before they are creating quite a stir in the American music scene.  

So far, they only have a 6 track EP and a handful of singles, two of them including remixes of the track featured on the single.

Sit back and enjoy these tasty nuggets from ST. LUCIA...



Jenn Aguinaldo said…
Great band. Have you checked out their video for "Elevate" yet? I love it! http://smarturl.it/LuciaElevate