New Release Tuesday/Zeke's Latest Acquisition: THE MILK CARTON KIDS

For those of you that are seasoned veterans of this blog, you may have heard me rant and rave about THE MILK CARTON KIDS.  The duo comprised of Kenneth Pattengale & Joey Ryan have made the jump from small Indie label to a rather big, and well respected, Indie label... ANTI RECORDS, home of such iconic artists as The Swell Season, Neko Case and Michael Franti.  

The Milk Carton Kids hold fast with their traditional sound, which is simply the two men playing their acoustic guitars (probably the same Martin and Gibson guitars that they've been using for years) and singing in some of the finest harmonies you have heard since Simon & Garfunkel.  

In keeping with their simplistic approach to music, they have released some music videos promoting the new album which are formulaic, yet completely original.

So, without further adieu, sit back and enjoy these new songs (and videos) from the new Milk Carton Kids album, "THE ASH & THE CLAY".