Zeke's Latest Discoveries... a Trifecta of Joy!

The other day, I went into my favorite local, independent record store, Graywhale Entertainment, to see if they had the latest release from LOW on vinyl.  Ironically, they did NOT have it, but most of their other locations did.  Rather than make it a wasted trip, I decided to wander over to the "Discount" vinyl section and see if there was anything worthwhile.  A few days before, I had seen an album by an unknown (to me) artist on Asthmatic Kitty Records.  I believe I have established in previous blog posts just how much I love the Asthmatic Kitty.  I'll get to that in a minute, but first, let me explain what happened.  While digging through the vinyl, I found three very reasonably priced records that piqued my interest.

First, I came across a record that was marked down to the low, low price of $6.99.  Its original price was $18.99, so this was quite a reduction.  The front cover reminded me of something that would have come out of Iceland, a hotbed of delicious music.  That said, the name of the group was FRANCOIS & THE ATLAS MOUNTAINS.  Not Icelandic, but French.  I decided to pull out my phone and get busy on YouTube, to see what the band sounded like.  Although the following video is probably not the one I saw, it is very reminiscent of what I found... and what I found, I liked.

Second, I found something that was on Fat Possum Records.  What's cooler than a regular possum, you ask?  A FAT possum!  Anyhow, the band is called FRIENDS, and the album is called "MANIFEST!".  It's a 2012 release and, simply put, some of the tastiest Power Pop that I've heard in some time.  The band is comprised of three men and two women.  Give this video a gander and see what you think.  Or, better yet, HEAR what you think...

Lastly, I found the album from Asthmatic Kitty Records.  I know you' are probably surprised that it was still there, because I'm certain that there had been dozens of people drifting in and out of the store looking for the latest album by SHANNON STEPHENS, called "Pull It Together".  The silly dolts were just looking in the wrong place, apparently.  Their loss, my gain.

So, sit back and enjoy this tasty video from Shannon Stephens... a little ditty called, "Care of You".