May Music Challenge: DAY 5- BEST FRIEND SONG

Now, as stated in the photo, I really don't quite understand this photo.  Is it a "Best Friend" Song?  Or is it a Best "Friend Song"?  Either way, it confuses me and I don't like.  Not to mention, I think it's just stupid.

I searched through some of the tens of thousands of songs in my iTunes library looking for something clever.  I saw my John Zorn album with one of the most morbid covers of all time... an actual photograph from Gangsterland Chicago with a photo of a man that had been shot in the head, laying in the street.  I looked at the songs... hmm... what would the obvious Best Friend Song be here?  "F**k the Facts"?  Probably not.  How 'bout "Igneous Ejaculation"?  It's a possibility.  The cover of Henry Mancini's "A Shot in the Dark?"  No.  I haven't experienced any of that with my friends.

Then, as if by fate, I stumbled across the second album by JELLYFISH, "Spilt Milk".  It just so happens that there was a song called, "He's My Best Friend" on it.  I think it'll work!  

So, the reality is that I have no answer for this silly challenge.  Except what you get.  I hope you like it.