May Music Challenge - DAY 8: An Artist I Would Most Like To Meet..... MARK KING

This was another difficult one for me.  The reality is that, as big a fan of music as I am, there are not a lot of artists that I would like to meet.  The artist that probably would have sat at the top of this list was one that I met last year.... Ms. Rosie Thomas.  I have a documentary about Rosie, about her life, about her music, that showcases one of the most vibrant personalities you will ever meet.  I have had a strong desire to see her for several years, and just last May it was realized.  During Rosie's performance, it ended up being as much a motivational talk as it was a concert.  She has such a beautiful energy and vibrant spirit... yet her songs can be so melancholy.  

After the show, Rosie came out and greeted her fans... myself included.  She embraced everyone and spoke like we had known each other since 'Nam.  I will never forget the first words she spoke to me.  As she gave me a tight embrace, she said, "Dude... you smell good." For the record, Rosie likes Drakkar Noir.

That said, this post isn't about Rosie... is it?  This post is about Mark King, lead singer and bassist extraordinaire from the band LEVEL 42.  Mark King is an amazing musician on many levels (no pun intended), but it wasn't until I watched an old VHS tape of mine, a part concert film, part documentary film called "FAIT ACOMPLI", that I realized what an incredibly down to earth personality Mr. King has.  He seemed so very approachable on almost every level.  For being what is, in my opinion, the greatest living electric bass player, he seemed like common folk.

I love music.  I used to fantasize about the "Rock and Roll lifestyle", but I am no longer naive about the effects that success has on most musicians.  Most celebrities of any sort usually take on an entirely new outlook on life... one that is centered on themselves.  They are arrogant, fake, and seem to have an overall air of pretentiousness.  Not Mark King... at least the side of him that we saw in that video.

I have met a handful of musicians and, lucky for me, most were absolutely amazing people.  Some put on an act of seeming approachable to their fans, while, behind the scenes, they have lingering reputations of being complete divas (Jared Leto, I'm looking at you).

So, for the last 25 years, I have had a desire to meet Mark King.  Is it a burning desire?  No.  Not at all.  But, if the opportunity ever arose, I wouldn't shy away from it...