May Music Challenge!

For those of you who don't know me, I'm a social networking junkie.  Kind of.

I have been on Facebook for years now, Blogger even longer, and have become a huge fan of Instagram over the past year.  I often see people doing their monthly challenges, topics ranging all over the spectrum of life.  I have mostly ignored these different challenges (the object being that a person come up with a photo for an assigned topic for every day of the month) but didn't pay much heed until now.  

Just the other day I say the "May Music Challenge", and I was immediately piqued.  I began the challenge with a couple of posts, which I will add here, and will do my best to do a post for every day of the challenge... obviously going into greater detail here on my blog.

It is now the third of May, so allow me to catch you up....

Day 1:  FAVORITE SONG - "WEIGHTLIFTING", by Trashcan Sinatras

Day 2:  OLDEST CD I OWN: "AVALON", by Roxy Music

I am forthwith going to be switching the subjects (where applicable) over to my original VINYL collecting.  I will do an addendum to yesterday's post by putting the first VINYL selection that I ever purchased with my own money.

Day 2OLDEST ALBUM I OWN:  "CHICAGO 13", by Chicago.

Day 3:  Selfie with Merch(andise):