Zeke's Latest Discovery: VOLCANO CHOIR (a.k.a. Zeke, you should be ashamed of yourself!)

I feel pathetic.  For two reasons.

Reason 1:  I feel pathetic for the fact that I haven't done a blog post in weeks.  Feast or famine... that's what you get here.

Reason 2:  I feel pathetic about the fact that my "latest discovery" is something that I should have known about for at least two years.

Chances are, anyone that stumbles across this blog post by way of the labels provided are saying to themselves, 'Duh... you're just NOW hearing about Volcano Choir?

The reality is that I did one of my usual rituals yesterday.  I stopped by one of the several Salt Lake County libraries and checked their used book sale to see if there was any good music.  I found the album 'UNMAP', by Volcano Choir.  (Truth be told, I thought the name of the group was Unmap and that the name of the album was 'Volcano Choir'.  I'm an even bigger idiot than previously suspected.)  I picked the CD up (for the low, low price of $1.00) primarily because it is on the Jagjaguwar label, home of such amazing artists as Bon Iver, Sharon Van Etten and Okkervil River.  I took it home, put it aside, and figured I would listen to it on the way to work today.

And so I did.

Not one song into it, I took note of how the singer sounded like Justin Vernon (that's Bon Iver, y'all).  I thought I would throw caution to the wind and attempt to Google the band, while driving 75 mph down the freeway.  It was no surprise to me, when I discovered that this project was a collaboration between Justin Vernon (of Bon Iver) and a group called COLLECTIONS OF COLONIES OF BEES.  (Wordy much?)  Wikipedia.com also mentioned that Collections of Colonies of Bees is a Post Rock band, and upon further inspection (two listens), I came to the conclusion that if Bon Iver, Explosions in the Sky and Sigur Ros had a menage e trois, VOLCANO CHOIR would be the love child... a product of the seed of all three bands.

So, without further adieu, please to enjoy this video from the first album, "Unmap".  The track is called "Island, Is".  I think you'll like it.

Oh... and if THAT isn't enough, enjoy the recently released trailer for their forthcoming SECOND album, "REPAVE", being released this September, also on Jagjaguwar Records.